Corporate Social Responsibility

Keramag Nachhaltigkeit

A philosophy of consistent sustainability.

For more than 100 years, we have been regarded as a top brand provider for the commercial sector and private-bathroom solutions, with the clear corporate philosophy: ‘We create lasting values.’


This maxim is firmly rooted in all aspects of our company and stands for:

  • Reliable high quality of our products
  • Long-lasting preservation of value

  • Functional, sophisticated comfort

  • Good quality of life

  • Innovativeness that drives us to develop future-oriented solutions.

For us, ‘We create lasting values’ means planning logically and with foresight. It means striving to make good products even better. And last but not least, it means combining cost-effectiveness, people and the environment in such a way that enables us to act responsibly and safeguard our future.


The future began yesterday at Keramag.

We make sure that we stay proactive, as we want and are able to influence our future quality of life. This is why we invest in product development and production processes that leave our conscience clear insofar as subsequent generations are concerned. 


And the best part? We all benefit from these innovations. They mean considerably reduced water, energy, cleaning and staff costs, not to mention the fact that they protect the environment and save precious resources. 


Sustainability at Keramag: save water and protect resources.

In private households, 63% of our drinking water is used in the bathroom, 27% of which is used for toilet flushing alone. In office and administration buildings, the average water consumption is approx. 20 to 30 litres per working day and employee. Each litre saved reduces operating costs and also sets a chain of positive environmental processes in motion. The sustainability concept ‘Save water, protect resources’ has been efficiently implemented by us for years, and we strive to continually improve it.

3 technology for sustainability

The 0.5-l waste suction piece can be installed on all 0.5- to 4-l urinals with outlets to the rear. In combination with the flush system Flushcontrol 1000, the flush volume required is reduced by up to 75% compared to a standard flush volume.

Our urinal flush systems can be user- and time-controlled, and are appealing because of their high level of flexibility and economic efficiency.

Dealing responsibly with water requires well-informed users. We are partners in the Blue Responsibility initiative. Leading German companies in the sanitary industry strive to increase awareness of water as a precious resource, promote sustainable sanitary solutions and distribute information about the various technical solutions available. Blue Responsibility was established in 2009 by the German Valve Manufacturers Association (VDMA) and the IndustrieForum Sanitär (IFS, the German sanitary industry forum). 



Keramag’s environmental commitment:for future-proof buildings.

The importance of constructing sustainable buildings will grow in the future. The environmental, economic and social efficiency of buildings is dependent on companies which consistently implement sustainability concepts and actively develop them. This is why we are a member of the German Sustainable Building Council DGNB.

Intelligent solutions from Keramag: for sustainable buildings.

Our product range comprises many well-thought-out solutions for sustainable construction. These are tailored exactly to requirements and fulfil the highest requirements in terms of design and functionality

  • For private bathrooms, we offer coordinated complete bathroom and guest WC ranges, as well as comprehensive bathroom furniture ranges.
  • For the commercial sector, we have an attractive range of products which is tailored exactly to the requirements of the specific industry.

This product variety opens up new perspectives for planners and construction companies and enables them to design rooms that are comfortable and architecturally sophisticated, as well as benefit from sustainable product developments. 


Sustainable construction with Keramag: efficiency pays for itself.

Irrespective of whether it is a renovation or new construction. The consistently implemented sustainability approach of our product development ensures that today's buildings are fit for the future. For energy and operational efficiency, protection of resources, health at home and at work, stable values, and minimization of risk will be in the forefront of building planning in the future. In this regard our innovative products already offer a huge potential today.


Regardless of whether Keramag products are used in renovations or a new constructions, the sustainability concept that is consistently implemented as part of our product development makes the buildings of today future-proof. Because in the future, energy and operating efficiency, conservation of resources, healthy living and working conditions, preservation of value and minimisation of risks will be the focus of building planning. In this respect, our innovative products offer huge potential even today.