We create lasting values


One-hundred-year anniversaries are relatively rare in the world of business.
The turbulent 20th century, with two world wars, currency reforms and biting economic crises has left little room for survival.

Keramag is among the few companies that has reached this milestone. Whoever researches our company history will repeatedly encounter the same paradigms that have determined actions. First of all, this includes the timeless knowledge of always regarding the securing of the company through its own resources as the central challenge. To this can be added the commitment to continual further development, which is manifested above all in product innovations in line with market requirements and the services provided. This is how Keramag has become a recognised brand.


The awareness that we are only strong together runs like a unifying thread through the 100 years. Our entry into the second century of our company’s history is taking place under difficult economic conditions. Belonging to the globally operating Geberit Group is creating helpful synergies and is opening up strategically interesting options.


We are facing new challenges. This applies to the opportunities and risks of continuing globalisation as well as to the changes in consumption patterns and the legitimate thesis of the sustainability philosophy. We are prepared to continue setting new standards for the second century of our history.

Keramag - we create lasting values.