Future-proof planning with innovations from Keramag

The innovative strength of Keramag is reflected in its product development, constantly taking a pioneering position in the market.
Leading the way in design, comfort, technology and hygiene. Designed for a future that gives our lives a new quality level.





The first special glaze with a 30 year warranty.
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Safe installation and beautiful closed surfaces

Specially developed fixing systems make installing ceramic products easy and safe, while also making them look incredibly sophisticated:

- PlugFix system
- Kerafix hidden wall fixings is a Keramag patent
- covered wall and floor fixings



Rimfree® WC-Hygiene

iCon Rimfree

- Rimfree wall-hung WCs with ceramic flush distributor
- Safe water flow and hygienic flush results
- Perfect hygiene, easy to clean
- Available for the bathroom series Renova Nr.1, Renova Nr. 1 Comfort, 4U, iCon, it!, MyDay, Xeno²

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The first hybrid urinal. Not only does it work perfectly without water, it also comes with a water flush on request.


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Flushing Systems for urinals




- Individually time-controlled flush system FlushTimeControl for hybrid urinal Centaurus
- The technological part of both Flushcontrol 1000/1000 N/1000 N GLT with 0,5-l flush for the Renova Nr. 1 Plan Urinal as well as Flushcontrol 500/500 N and 501/501 N with 1-l flush for all other Keramag urinals in the public market area are fully covered.
- First 6 stars WELL-certification for a urinal flushing system in the class A for Flushcontrol 1000/1000 N/ 1000 N GLT – the highest Award for water-efficient products

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Save water and costs










- With innovative 4.5 l WCs
- With the dual flush button for cisterns
- With a urinal as a clever complement to a WC, which consumes only 0.5 to 2 litres of water.




Baby WC

Baby WC

With a seat height of 280 mm this Baby WC is unique in the market.

This is a hygienic replacement of the potty. 




Urinal mit KeraFresh

- Integrated Fresh Solution for Renova Nr.1 Plan urinal
- Easy refillable freshness sticks provide a pleasant and subtile fresh scent

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4Bambini Sensor-Faucet

4Bambini Sensor-Armatur

- The first Sensor faucet specially developed for children
- Reliable detection of small children's hands
- Easy operation with integrated water-saving function
- All water-carrying parts made of lead-free materials