KeraTect® glaze

30 years Keratect guarantee

The first ceramic glaze with a 30-year guarantee.
Only those who are completely sure about the quality of their product can give a guarantee that goes far beyond standard guarantees. Keramag is unique in that it guarantees the reliability of the KeraTect® special glaze for 30 years. Customers can be safe in the knowledge that their product will hold its value, be easy to clean and provide perfect hygiene, all of which pays for itself in the long term:


Smoothness, shine and easy to clean – for the long term

  • KeraTect® is fired at 1.250 °C
  • This enables the special glaze to form a lasting bond with the ceramic body
  • It offers an almost non-porous, extremely smooth surface with a roughness value of just 0.01 μm
  • Dirt and bacteria cannot linger
  • Even when subjected to the harshest conditions, e.g. high-pressure cleaners, the surface structure of the KeraTect® glaze will not be damaged


KeraTect® lasts a whole ceramic life long

  • Reduces time spent on regular cleaning
  • Intensive scrubbing is not necessary
  • Reduces use of cleaning materials
  • First-rate hygiene
  • Protects the environment in the long term


Instead of the usual 2–5 year guarantee for other ceramic surfaces, Keramag offers a 30-year guarantee for KeraTect®*.


*Keramag gives you a 30-year guarantee on the KeraTect® glaze and therefore the long-lasting smoothness of the ceramic surface. The smooth surface offers optimal cleanliness and hygiene during everyday use and with regular cleaning. The shiny glaze of your Keramag quality product will remain in mint condition. It is not necessary to impregnate the product with any chemicals or use special cleaners. This guarantee is limited to technical manufacturing faults. Other faults, particularly those caused by misuse of the product or external conditions, are not covered by this guarantee