What do we dream about today? What will inspire us tomorrow?

Over time, our values and ways of looking at things change, and new trends come into being. Some of these are short-lived, others become a part of our lives and we end up taking them for granted. In modern product development, these trends are picked out systematically and analysed. This means that they filter out exactly those colours, styles and atmospheres that will be in demand on the market for a long time to come. This then forms a sound basis for bathroom designs that will be regarded as dream bathrooms both now and in the future.
A new bathroom should outlast short-lived trends, precisely meet our ideas of cosiness, fascination and comfort and be complemented by such fantastic ideas that we’ll still love
it even years later. It’s good to know where we’re heading when we select colours and materials, opt for a particular product or equip our bathroom according to current standards
of comfort.
Things to consider when planning your bathroom: