Colours and materials

A harmonious concept works wonders

Grey is a trend color and anything but boring. For Gray provides excellent opportunities to emphasize spaces in style. Just as fashionable are Metal accents, which are set by accessories, in the wall or in furniture. Striking color hues can be used as accentuation in rapidly changeable bathroom accessories.


Here a few tipps:

  • Complementary colours and inbetween shades such as bluegreen create a cosy atmosphere in combination with authentic-looking materials and plants which make us feel connected to nature.
  • Colour combinations look harmonious if they follow the same colour values. Bathroom furniture in warm taupe and a floor in cold grey will always jar.
  • In general: light shades give the illusion of space and make small bathrooms look bigger. Dark colours bring walls and ceilings closer and make large bathrooms look smaller.
  • Various materials can liven up a bathroom. But be careful: wood and natural stone also have differing shades that must work together.