Today, every guest WC is uniquely beautiful

Make your guest WC look higher, larger and friendlier

  • With light and mirrors, you can transform awkward corners of the room into visually impressive areas.
  • Even a garland light on the ceiling makes lower ceilings look higher.
  • Illuminated niches and walls help reduce the sense of narrowness.
  • Well-positioned mirrors break up high walls, capture light and airiness and give a sense of greater width.
  • Good planning works wonders.


Save water with hygiene plus

  • With a 4.5 l WC from Keramag, you will already be saving money and reducing water consumption in your guest WC in the long term.
  • You can save even more water by installing a urinal with 0.5–2 l flush. And this also provides clear hygiene benefits compared to a WC seat with lid up.


4,5-Liter-WC Renova Nr. 1 Comprimo


Intelligent use of space
Modern guest WC concepts are developed to optimise space:


  • there are washbasins and hand-rinse basins with practical shelf space.
  • Reduced product dimensions, as well as special built-in and corner solutions, provide a couple of valuable extra centimetres more room to move around in.
  • An elaborate furniture programme provides an amazing amount of storage space and comfort.

Gäste-WC-Konzept Renova Nr. 1 Comprimo

Spacious corner solution of the series Renova Nr. 1 Comprimo