Keramag - The security of lasting values

Keramag Keramische Werke GmbH

Keramag’s corporate philosophy is as simple as it is basic: ‘We create lasting values’. This stands for design, quality and power of innovation that appeals over the long term. It also stands for responsible interaction with people and our environment. Last, but not least, it stands for a future which we all want to live in.




Brand quality

This claim of lasting values has a long tradition. Keramag has enjoyed a great deal of success for over 100 years. The quality of the brand is evident in its products – in their sophisticated design, perfection right down to the finest detail, future-oriented technology, high level of comfort and longlasting reliability. The bathroom and guest WC series and bathroom furniture programmes by Keramag are perfectly tailored to the people who use them, including the exclusive concepts for upmarket requirements.
See for yourself by visiting your local dealer’s showroom or the Keramag showrooms in Ratingen and Haldensleben.


Keramag Keramische Werke GmbH
Bad-Serie Xeno
Quality of life
Keramag’s environmental commitment sends clear signals in terms of the protection of resources and responsibility towards the environment. The watersaving, value-retaining product developments set new benchmarks for the market time and again. Advanced product techniques guarantee the high quality of products and reduce water and energy consumption, as well as emissions. Keramag is also a member of associations such as the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) and the ‘Blue Responsibility’ initiative. For an improved quality of life which we can enjoy with a clear conscience insofar as future generations are concerned.


Keramag Nachhaltigkeit


The best proof of the quality that is promised by these lasting values and consistently implemented by the company is the great trust that the market places in Keramag. Keramag is one of the leading German manufacturers of high-quality sanitary ceramics and is part of the Geberit Group, the European leader in the field of sanitary products. A strong brand for people who want to know that they can rely on brand quality.