Renova Nr. 1 Comprimo NEU: bewährtes Raumsparkonzept in neuem Design

Relaunch of the space-saving classic at ISH 2013 / Formal and functional improvements for more storage and freedom of movement / Reduced design vocabulary in soft geometric design / Optical unity of ceramics and furniture / Even small bathrooms can be designed attractively /

Frankfurt/Ratingen. Even if the trend is moving towards ever more generous private bathrooms, the reality in existing real estate is somewhat different. Most bathrooms only have an area of 6 to 7 square metres and also often have unfavourable floor plans. For this reason, renovating existing bathrooms in a manner which makes the space look larger is often difficult. For many years, the practical “Renova Nr. 1 Comprimo” space-saving range by Keramag has pro-vided a remedy. This range has now been completely revised and brings more gloss and comfort to standard, small and guest bathrooms with formal and functional improvements.

The manufacturer presented a modern space-saving concept at the ISH 2013 with the relaunch of the range for attractive complete solltions even in the smallest spaces. This modern concept lends the popular range a new attractive appearance. With shortened projections, the neat exploitation of corners and innovative storage solutions, a greater freedom of movement is created in small bathrooms. The reduced design vocabulary of the wash basins in their soft geometric design with flat interior basins provides a comprehensive, harmonious appearance in connection with the furniture elements. Fitting vanity units are available for all wash basins, which offer lots of storage.

“Renova Nr. 1 Comprimo NEW” can be used in sanitary rooms that have limited space in public and commercial areas as well as in private bathrooms. There are two hand-rinse basins (40 and 50 x 25 cm), two corner wash basins with 32 and 50 cm leg lengths and four wash basins (45, 55, 60 and 65 cm) which also have shortened projections of 34 and 37 cm. A half-pedestal is also in the program.

The hand-rinse basins with a breadth of 50 cm are particularly suitable for guest WCs and are available in a symmetrical and two asymmetri-cal designs. The integrated towel holder (available as left or right ver-sion) provides additional space-saving opportunities. In addition, bath implements can be stored on the recess. The integrated holder is at the same height as the door handle, which reinforces the harmonious overall impression. The 65 cm wash basin also offers these practical features. Except the corner wash basin, which has a curved double door, all the vanity units are equipped with a single door. Case legs are available for all vanity unit designs if required. The wash basin can be connected to the vanity unit using a metal rim adapter, which perfects the unity of the two elements. All furniture are available with a matt body in “white” or “light grey”. The fronts are high-gloss finish. Three illuminated mirrors round off the range of furniture.

The space-saving range is supplemented by a formally adapted wall-mounted WC with a shortened projection of 48 cm, for which a WC seat with height-adjustable mechanism is also available as an additional extra. All ceramics are available in white “alpine” and can also be supplied with the easy-clean special glaze “KeraTect”. The “Renova Nr. 1 Comprimo NEW” products replace the previous “Renova Nr. 1 Comprimo” range.