The bathroom line iCon offers graphical clarity and extraordinary combination options which make it ideal for modern room design in sophisticated residential projects and hotel bathrooms.

Waschtisch iCon

iCon Sinks

  • Graphically exact lines with organically flowing inner basins
  • Sinks in 500, 600, 750, 900, 1200 mm widths and double sinks with 1200 mm width
  • 600, 750, 900, and 1200 mm wide sinks are available with or without tap holes
  • 500 and 900 mm width available as asymmetrical with storage surfaces and decorative tray right or left
  • Now new: Above-counter sinks 600 and 750 mm wide as well as asymmetrical 500 mm wide

iCon Toilets/Bidet

Bad-Serie iCon - WC und Bidet
Bad-Serie iCon
Badewanne - iCon

For more comfortable room planning iCon offers a versatile furniture programme with unusual combination possibilities as well as a variety of sizes and shapes for bathtubs and shower trays. We recommend the Guest-Bathroom-Series iCon X with the modern, straightforward iCon design for the design of half-baths.