Renova Nr. 1 Comprimo

Renova Nr. 1 Comprimo

Even complicated floor plans and narrow rooms can be configured optimally with Renova Nr. 1 Comprimo. Reduced projections and clever shapes offer more space for more room to move and increased comfort.

Renova Nr. 1 Comprimo
  • Appealing, gently geometric design
  • Huge product variety for any room situation
  • Space-saving product measurements including attractive corner solutions
Renova Nr. 1 Comprimo Waschtische

Renova Nr. 1 Comprimo wash basins

  • With projections of just 250, 340, or 370 mm as well as two corner solutions this product is suitable even for the smallest rooms
  • Twelve varieties of wash basins and wash-hand basins
  • Symmetrical wash basins, 550 and 600 mm wide with 370 mm projection
  • Asymmetrical wash basin, 650 mm wide, 370 mm projection, with shelf spaces right or left
  • Wash-hand basin, 400 mm wide, 250 mm projection, with tap hole ledge right or left
  • Wash-hand basin, 450 mm wide, 340 mm projection
  • Wash-hand basin, 500 mm wide, 250 mm projection in three variations: symmetrical with shelf spaces on both sides and tap hole on the right as well as asymmetrical with shelf space and tap hole right or left
  • Corner solutions with side lengths of 320 or 500 mm
  • Can be combined with semi-column: Wash basins, 550, 600, and 650 mm wide, as well as 450 mm wide wash-hand basin
  • Suitable Keramag System installation frames are available even for corner mounting
  • All wash basins and wash-hand basins can be combined with floor units in two colours
Renova Nr. 1 Comprimo Waschtische
Renova Nr. 1 Comprimo
Renova Nr. 1 Comprimo

For higher comfort requirements, all Renova Nr. 1 Comprimo wash basins and wash-hand basins can also be combined with a floor unit.

A clever idea: The floor units for the 650 mm wide wash basin and the 500 mm wide wash-hand basin have an integrated towel rod on the side to save space.

The floor units are available as high gloss fronts in white or light grey.

Renova Nr.1 Comprimo toilet

  • Wall-mounted washdown toilets
  • Only 480 mm projection
  • Choice of three design variations
  • With a softly geometric design similar to the wash basins
  • In a rounded design for combination with Renova Nr.1 toilet seat and round Renova Nr. 1 Plan toilet seat
  • Water-saving 4.5 litre flush
  • Can be combined with Keramag System installation frames and actuator plates

Asymmetrical corner bathtub 

  • Room saving dimensions in a right or left version
  • Combines comfort with more freedom of movement
  • 1600 mm long
  • Tapering width: 750 mm at head end, 500 mm at foot


Renova Nr. 1 Comprimo - Asymmetrische Eckwanne