Renova Nr. 1

Renova Nr. 1
The recipe for success :
With more than 24 million units sold, the series Renova Nr. 1 is one of the most successful sanitary equipment worldwide.
  • Contemporary design able to command majority backing
  • High value retention
  • Offers maximum security, efficiency and functionality for all requirements relating to the specific building
  • Unusually extensive range for optimum solutions
  • Can be flexibly combined with an extensive range of furniture
  • Fast, inexpensive and professional implementation of building projects
Renova Nr. 1
Special advantage :
10 years warranty on the products of the Renova Nr. 1 core program.
Waschtisch Renova Nr. 1

Renova Nr. 1 washbasins

  • Ingenious and functionally perfect
  • Washbasins and handrinse basins available in many different sizes:
    400, 450, 500, 550, 600, 650 and 700 mm wide
  • Various tap hole and overflow variants
  • Can be combined with half pedestal and washbasin cabinets of 450 mm width or more

Tap hole / overflow variants

  • Ergonomically shaped, evenly circumferential washbasin edge
  • Inward tapering edge allows splash water to drain away more easily

  • Hygienic, easy-to-clean raised edge facing the wall
  • Splash water flows back quickly because of shelf spaces slightly sloping to the side and front
  • Harmonious Design, round overflow
  • Large installation clearance for easier attachment of the washbasin and tap

One Toilet but two seats variants

The Renova Nr. 1 WC can also be combined with the design-oriented Renova Nr. 1 Plan WC seat.

With Renova Nr. 1 WC seat

With Renova Nr. 1 Plan WC seat

Renova Nr.1 WCs

  • Wall-hung and floor-standing available as washdown and washout WC pan, wall-hung washdown WC pan also with seats
  • Rimfree also available: washdown WC pan, wall-hung, 540 mm and 700 mm projection
  • Wide range of variants: floor-standing WCs with hidden fastening, outlet horizontal or inside vertical and can be combined with plastic cistern
  • Can be combined with WC seat with continuous stainless steel hinge shaft
  • Almost hidden fastening for wall-hung WCs
  • Water-saving 4.5-litre flush for all washdown WC pans as standard without additional costs
  • Easy-to-clean exterior surfaces
  • Open, glazed flush rim
  • Plastic flush distributor for optimum flow division

Rimfree WC hygiene
Here, there are no hidden places where dirt deposits can build up or drugs, etc. be concealed. The Rimfree® washdown WC pans from Renova Nr. 1 are easy to care for, easy to clean and, thanks to the reliable water guide, offer hygienically perfect flushing results.

Renova Nr. 1 Rimfree® WCs are available with projections of 540 mm and 700 mm, which is suitable for wheelchair users.
This easy care WC hygiene is ideal for modern sanitary facilities and private bathrooms with and without barrier-free WC areas.

Details about Keramag Rimfree can be found here.

Renova Nr. 1 Urinal

The Renova No. 1 urinal is also available with the electronic urinal flush systems Flushcontrol 501/501 N.

Click here for more information about the Flushcontrol 500/500N