Renova Nr. 1 Comfort

Renova Nr. 1 Comfort Wash basin wheelchair accessible

With its modern design and cleverly functional comfort the Renova Nr. 1 Comfort series is an ideal solution for bathrooms in public areas, nursing and care facilities as well as in private homes. Renova Nr. 1 Comfort combines harmony with quality of life. This is the result of many special comfort features which provide a maximum of independence for persons with limited mobility so that they can maintain their personal freedom in the long term.

Barrierefrei - Dejuna

Shallow wash basin design with high user comfort

  • Wheelchair accessible with a lot of legroom when seated.
  • Wash basin widths of 550, 600, 650, and 750 mm
  • User-friendly projection for easy reach of faucet and surface areas even when seated - also ideal for the short arms of children in a multi-generational bathroom.
  • Two water levels in the inner basin for different usage possibilities.
  • Wide inner basin so arms can rest there completely and comfortably.
  • Front and side areas can easily be gripped to pull oneself closer or to hold on.
  • A special grip zone for additional safety has been integrated on the sides from below.
  • Gentle curves and - depending on size of wash basin - 65 - 150 mm wide surfaces offer pleasant opportunities for resting arms or leaning on.
  • Optimized draining in inner basin
  • A special raised edge at the wall side is easy to clean and provides a chance to attach a mirror when an appropriate faucet is used.
  • Optional with semi-column: Model No. 298510

The Renova Nr. 1 Comfort wash basins with widths of 600, 650, and 750 mm are compliant with DIN 18040 for accessible bathroom fittings.
The wash basins with a width of 550 mm correspond to the protective goals of DIN 18040.

Two water levels

Integrated water step as a visible demarcation for a half-filled basin

When basin is filled completely, all areas have a completely usable water depth

When basin is filled only half, there is an additional, semi-dry zone in the front which serves as a place to put wash cloth, shaver etc.


Waschtisch Dejuna - barrierefrei


1 Extremely shallow for a lot of legroom when seated; accessible
2 Integrated water step for half-filled basin
3 Semi-dry storage area close to user
4 Gently curved and easy to grip thanks to integrated grip zone from below
5 Straight area for resting arms or leaning on


The perfect complement: the innovative Renova Nr. 1 Comfort furniture programme which can be used comfortably even when seated

Waschtisch Dejuna - barrierefrei

Storage area in front, sufficient water in back

  • Helpful for children and seated users who have difficulty in reaching the tap hole bench
  • Easy to clean, as the basin is usually directly and easily cleaned while the tap hole bench will often not be cleaned until later
  • Less splash due to water mainly being used in the back basin area
  • Water-saving as there is visibly enough water for daily care


Waschtisch Dejuna - barrierefrei

Direct attachment of mirror

  • Special raised edge of sink as possible ledge for a mirror
  • Ideal so you can see yourself completely in the mirror even when seated
  • Facilitates independent washing, combing, applying of make-up, shaving etc.
  • Strengthens independence and provides safety
  • Also a welcome support for developing independent hygiene in households with small children

The well thought out product line Renova Nr. 1 Comfort convinces with comfort that promotes independent use in clinics, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and at home.

Renova Nr. 1 Comfort wall hung toilets

  • 550 and 700 mm projection
  • The 700 mm version offers easy approach and transfer from a wheelchair - compliant with standards DIN 18040
  • 400 mm comfort width
  • Closed easy-care exterior due to hidden wall-mounting (for toilets with 700 mm projection)
  • Ceramic bevel prevents the toilet seat from moving
  • Open rim with plastic flush distributor
  • Washdown toilet 540 mm projection: Model No. 208530,
    Washdown toilet 700 mm projection: Model No. 208500,
    Ledge toilet 700 mm projection: Model No. 208550

Overall, Renova Nr. 1 Comfort toilets are approx. 45 mm wider than standard toilets. In combination with the seating areas which widen to the outside, this offers maximum comfort for persons of any size.

Dejuna Stand-WC

Renova Nr. 1 Comfort floor-standing toilet

  • Sitting height including toilet seat 480 mm
  • Facilitates sitting down and getting up for persons with limited mobility
  • 400 mm comfort width
  • Rounded ceramic edges
  • The closed exterior surfaces are easy to clean due to the hidden floor mounting
  • Ceramic bevel prevents the toilet seat from moving
  • Open rim with plastic flush distributor
  • Washdown toilet: Model No. 218500

Renova Nr. 1 Comfort toilet seat and toilet seat ring

  • Sturdy toilet seat with lid or toilet seat ring
  • Full length stainless-steal hinge shaft can be securely tightened from below - for high stability even with sideways transfer
  • Pleasant sitting comfort due to wider seating area of around 95 mm on each side
  • Bumpers are bevelled to protect against slipping to the side
  • Additional bumper with grip for lid can be easily replaced
  • Available with soft-closing mechanism
  • Toilet seat with full length stainless steel hinge shaft: Model No. 572800,
    Toilet seat with stainless steal hinges and soft-closing mechanism: Model No. 572820,
    Toilet seat ring with full length stainless steel hinge shaft: Model No. 572810


Dejuna WC - Barrierefrei


In addition, a bevel integrated in the ceramic reinforces the secure position of toilet seat and toilet seat ring and replaces the usual corner bumpers which project into the ceramic in a very hygienic manner.


Toilets with 700 mm projection and the floor-standing toilet comply with DIN 18040 for accessible bathroom fittings.