Renova Nr. 1 Comfort Pro

Renova Nr. 1 Comfort Pro Product Line Wheelchair accessible

Renova Nr. 1 Comfort Pro delivers the strong design and amazingly comfortable wash basin form of Dejuna also for the sophisticated design of public bathrooms.

Universal wash basins for many usage areas

  • Made from heavy-duty and hard-wearing Varicor®
  • Has all the comfort features of Dejuna ceramic wash basins
  • Four standard models:   
    • 1020 mm wide, surface areas on both sides, with or without functional cut-outs
    • 810 mm wide with shelf space on left or right
  • No overflow
  • Cut-outs for trash receptacle, as a towel holder or for holding on
  • Easy-grip edge design for easy pulling action
  • Raised edge at wall for easy cleaning
  • Can be seamlessly and exactly connected for multiple sinks
  • As Keramag's Varicor® specialist Varicor GmbH works with experienced Suppliers to deliver bespoke solutions.

Due to a special edge design it is possible to grip the basin securely from below and pull oneself close.


Offers all the comfort features of Dejuna wash basins:

1 Extremely shallow for ample legroom when seated and roll-under accessible according to DIN 18040

2 Integrated water step for semi-filled basin

3 Semi-dry shelf space close to user

4 Softly curved and easy to grip

5 Straight area for armrest or leaning on

6 Raised edge for easy cleaning and direct mirror attachment

The functional cut-outs offer versatile usage possibilities: as a hole for an integrated receptacle, as a towel holder or as a handle for gripping.

The Renova Nr. 1 Comfort Pro wash basins are very well suited for numerous usage areas: e.g. administrative buildings, industry, gastronomy, event venues, hotels as well as private bathrooms.


All Renova Nr. 1 Comfort Pro wash basins are available with Varicor® finishing in White (Alpine) No. 016.