Flushcontrol 1000/1000 N/1000 N GLT

With a flush volume that can be reduced down to 0.5 litre and with the ability to integrate the urinal flushing system into the modern building management system, Keramag has developed a new generation of advanced electronic urinal flushing systems. Flushcontrol 1000, Flushcontrol 1000 N, and Flushcontrol 1000 N GLT deliver state-of-the-art control of water consumption and hygiene for the Renova Nr. 1 Plan urinal. Flushing systems Flushcontrol 1000 and Flushcontrol 1000 N allow time-controlled flushes for the urinal Centaurus.

Flushcontrol 1000

For battery operation – easy installation and conversion for all areas.
Flushcontrol 1000 N

Version with mains supply of 230 V.

Urinal flushing system with battery operation.

Ideal for modernizations and new installations.

Urinal flushing system with main connection 230 V.

Ideal for modernizations and new installations.

With innovative water-saving 0.5 litre flush (instead of the usual 2 - 4 litre).

Hygiene flush can be activated/deactivated.

Hygiene flush 24 hours after last use as standard.

Another flush after a further 24 hours of non-use.If non-use continues, next flush not until 3 days later.

Touchless flush trigger automatically after use via the sensor.

Overflow protection: no flush trigger when possible blockage .

Flushing system invisible for the user. 

Possibility to stop the flush during cleaning.

Can be used practically everywhere

Equipped for any demand due to different setting possibilities

All-round protection against vandalism

Technology is completely surrounded by ceramic and absolutely invisible

Easy installation on tiles.

No special installation frames necessary.

Less frequent flushing when usage is up.

Intelligence for stadium use.

Automatic switch to normal use at the end of high usage frequency.

Zeitgesteuerte Spülung – nur bei Time-controlled flushing - only for Centaurus.

Flushes every 2, 4, 6, 12, or 24 hours, also mainly waterless operation

every 2 h = ~1.5 litre, every 4 h = ~1.5 litre
every 6 h = ~2.5 litre, every 12 h = ~2.5 litre
every 18 h = ~3 litre, every 24 h = ~3 litre

Highest water saving efficiency with best hygiene results

Highest WELL Classification

Flushcontrol 1000/1000 N/1000 N GLT is the first urinal flushing system which has received the highest distinction for special water efficiency awarded by TÜV Rheinland LGA: the WELL label with 6 stars in Class A.

Future-proof with Flushcontrol 1000 N GLT

With Flushcontrol 1000 N GLT all the urinal flushes for a building can be controlled and monitored centrally from the control station - complete accuracy for all or even for individual urinals. A Keramag innovation for future-proof construction projects.

With auxiliary module for building management system, only in combination with 230 V mains operation.

With Flushcontrol 1000 N GLT you can do the following from a central location:
• trigger flushes
• adjust flush volumes
• activate flush stops
• directly recognize defects via error message
Flushcontrol 1000 N GLT delivers the exact error diagnosis - e.g. broken valve, siphon error due to sensor defect or an error in the power supply - directly on-site. Thus, an error can be recognized quickly and resolved rapidly so that the urinal can without delay again be used in a completely sanitary manner.
Flushcontrol 1000 N GLT is the first urinal flushing system on the market that supports modern building management technology with effective water savings. For solutions that are both economical and environmentally friendly.


1 Magnetic valve
2 Electronics
3 Switch
4 Button for error diagnosis
5 BMS adapter
6 Mains connection
7 BMS connection
8 Sensors (from back)