Flushcontrol 500/500 N und 501/501 N

Absolutely reliable

The electronic urinal flush systems Flushcontrol 500 and Flushcontrol 500 N respectively 501/501 N control perfect urinal hygiene with minimal water consumption. A multi parameter sensor at the suction device captures every use and automatically triggers the flush.


Urinal flushing system with battery or mains connection 230 V

Ideal for modernizations and new installations

With innovative water-saving 1 litre flush (instead of the usual 2 - 4 litre)

Touchless flush trigger automatically after use via the sensor

Flushing system invisible for user

Can be used practically everywhere

Equipped for any demand due to different setting possibilities

All-round protection against vandalism

Technology is completely surrounded by ceramic and absolutely invisible

Easy installation on tilesNo special installation frames necessary

Adjustable flush duration: 4 seconds (1 litre), 8 seconds (2 litre), …, 16 seconds (4 litre)

Overflow protection: no flush trigger when possible blockage

Less frequent flushing when usage is up

Intelligence for stadium use

Automatic switch to normal use at the end of high usage frequency

Flush stop for cleaning

Hygiene flush can be activated/deactivated

Hygiene flush takes place 24 hours after the last use as standard

Another flush occurs after a further 24 hours of non-use. If non-use continues, the next flush is not until 3 days later