Centaurus mit FlushTimeControl und Separo Trennwand

With FlushTimeControl, the time-controlled row flushing system for the hybrid urinal Centaurus, flushes can be set individually and variably. For a maximum of flexibility, resource-economy, and affordable hygiene - from times without use to peak times. This is innovative technology by Keramag made in Germany.

  • Up to 32 different flushes can be set
  • Simultaneous triggering of up to 8 urinals via a magnetic valve
  • Can be expanded to a maximum of 16 urinals with a second magnetic valve
  • Choice between surface-mounted or flush-mounted casing
  • With digital timer
  • On request special on/off switch for flush-free periods
  • Preservation of set flush times even in the event of a loss of electricity
  • Surface-mounted version: Model No. 577560,
    Flush-mounted version: Model No. 577550
  • Optional lock for sealing off the electronics casing,
    for surface-mounted version: Model No. 521055,
    for flush-mounted version: Model No. 521050

Flushes can be set completely individually
Examples of setting options for optimal hygiene.

  • Daily at the same times (e.g. transit area)
  • Differently on weekdays and weekends (e.g. school)
  • Mornings differently from evenings (e.g. restaurants)
  • Different durations (e.g. at peak times)
  • Frequently to not at all (e.g. stadium)
  • And many more, individually and freely programmable

Easy use and maintenance

  • Automatic setting of digital timer for daylight savings time/standard time
  • Thanks to a back-up battery with 4 year power reserve it is possible to programme the control box prior to wall-mounting
  • Flexible installation either directly in the bathroom or in a second room
  • Optional wall-mounting set with ball valve for easier installation of magnetic valve: Model No. 577555