Espital Wall Sink

  • Keramag System installation frame for Espital wall sink with a special frame for an easy installation of height-adjustable fittings
  • With shortened, easy to grip stainless steel grate with rubber bumpers
  • Easy-care KeraTect® glaze as standard
  • Open sink rim for optimal hygiene in the sink
  • Washproof and durable ceramic according to EN 997
  • 400 x 490 mm
  • Model No. 201680
Multiple usage areas
  • Universal
    Filling and emptying of buckets, disposal of dirty water
  • Nursery schools
    Cleaning of potties, boots, and muddy clothes
  • Hospitals/Nursing homes
    Emptying and cleaning of bed pans and urine bottles
  • Campgrounds
    draining of mobile toilets
  • Industry/Production
    draining and rinsing in various areas
  • Restaurants/Event venues
    as a spittoon
  • Schools/Office buildings
    as draining sinks