Alivio Urinale

With its design centred on hygiene and ease of care, Alivio urinals are economically highly attractive products for modern urinal rows. Ideal in combination with the easy-to-clean Alivio partition walls.

  • Especially large basin opening for more hygiene
  • Simple design with ceramic step for modern lightness
  • Optionally with integrated ceramic sieve
  • With intake from back/outflow to back or down or
    intake from above/outflow to back or down
  • Water-saving 1 litre flush
  • Economical combination with Flushcontrol 501/501 N
  • Also available with visual guidance system "Kerze"
  • Hidden Kerafix mounting
  • Easy-care side surfaces are completely closed
  • Can be combined with Alivio urinal divider made of ceramic
  • Compliant with EN 13407 CL I-I-IC EN 80

Alivio Urinal mit Trennwand

The Alivio Ceramic dividers separate the personal urinal area in a pleasantly simple manner

Alivio Urinal

Models with integrated ceramic sieve do not need an additional sieve and can be cleaned easily.