KeraFresh is Keramag's patented freshness solution for economical use in public areas. Theft-proof integration in the urinal flushing chamber, high cost efficiency due to refillable freshness sticks, and pleasantly subtle scent. KeraFresh is available in combination with the Renova Nr. 1 Plan urinal.

Urinal Renova nr. 1 Plan mit KeraFresh

A special key opens the lid and locks access to the KeraFresh dispenser and so prevents unauthorised opening and theft at the same time.

Urinal Renova nr. 1 Plan mit KeraFresh

Can be refilled quickly, easily, and without mess.

  • Freshness directly from the urinal's flushing chamber
  • Permanently integrated dispenser for freshness sticks
  • The active ingredients from the freshness sticks reach the urinal with every flush, cause a light foaming of the water and distribute a subtly fresh scent
  • The freshness stick dissolves slowly over time
  • Easy refilling via a special stainless steel lid
  • The lid can be easily opened with the included special key and can be locked again to prevent theft
  • No maintenance contract necessary
  • Can be combined with the Renova Nr. 1 Plan urinal without lid
  • Economical combination with Flushcontrol 1000 thanks to a low flush volume of 0.5 litre
  • Freshness sticks are available in packages of 40 sticks.
  • Box with 40 KeraFresh Sticks: Model No. 500900