Varicor® - The material which makes individual solutions possible

Flexible and yet highly accurate : so is the bathroom's planning with the mineral material Varicor®. Because Varicor® not only offers a variety of different shapes and sizes. The material makes it possible to fine-tune the washing area to one's specific request. As individual or multiple solution with feature cutouts, front panel or wiper strip up to the most unusual design ideas.

The specialist for customized solutions
The Varicor® specialist at Keramag is the company Varicor GmbH. It has been popular for many years thanks to its professional advice and a fast service. Cooperation with selected regional distributors and the best processing companies guarantees an efficient project management and maximum precision in the implementation of individual customer requirements.
Dejuna Pro - Varicor
Wide range of processing possibilities

Varicor® is initially a liquid product material which can be altered to almost any required shape, and is simple to process and modify further after curing.

  • Without joints and with the connection almost hidden
  • Can be processed accurately to the millimetre
  • Can be sawn, milled, drilled and sanded
  • The lustre of the surface can be adjusted individually by sanding
  • Easy to repair – any possible damage can be touched up largely invisibly using the Varicor® repair set without function impairment
  • Functional cut-outs for specific buildings, multiple washing places all the same as each other and even individual special fabrications can be achieved with precision

Exceptional material properties
Varicor® is ideal for hotels, restaurants, medical or semi-medical facilities, kindergartens and highly frequented sanitary rooms.

  • Remarkably robust - even cigarette burns do not leave any traces after removing the tar residues
  • Fully colored, homogeneous and non-porous
  • Mat, soft and warm surface to touch
  • Water proof – mold, rot, swelling or corrosion by water vapor and humidity are excluded
  • Impact and shock-proof
  • Simple to clean and hygienical
  • Stainfree
  • Antibacterial effect in standard white tones
  • Food safe
  • Largely resistant to chemicals and resistant to disinfectants
  • Flame retardant B1
  • Heat resistant - for a short time above 200 ° C
  • Long lasting value
  • No surface sealing required
  • Moulded parts of Varicor® meet the requirements of the CE standard according to DIN EN 14688

Wide range of color
In addition to the 40 Varicor® standard colors, custom colors can be realized (i.e. RAL® or NCS® colors).

You can find more information about the Varicor® material as well as individual design possibilities on