Industrial and administration buildings

Bad-Serie Preciosa

High-performance, sophisticated and cost-effective.


Keramag provides the ideal basis for sanitary facility planning that reflects the high standards of the industry and administration sector. A wide choice of designs makes it easy to choose fittings that match the overall corporate appearance. In functional terms, our products are so reliable and innovative that they pay for themselves in the long term thanks to their low consumption of resources, a high level of durability and excellent hygiene.

Multiple-unit washbasin arrangements for various installation situations and hygienic areas – Keramag always combines maximum planning flexibility with good design.

Renova Nr. 1
Bathroom series Renova Nr.1

Waschtischreihenanlage 4U

Bathroom series 4U

Centaurus urinal: awarded a prize for exemplary design by the North Rhine Westphalia Design Centre.

Hybrid-Urinal Centaurus
Renova Nr. 1 Plan
Renova Nr. 1 Plan

Keramag also combines strong design with extreme cost-effectiveness: the Alivio urinals with plain ceramic partition wall as well as the Renova Nr. 1 Plan waterless urinals and urinals with flush with integrated KeraFresh, and the Centaurus hybrid urinal, which is also available in a waterless version. These can be separated in an aesthetically pleasing way using the urinal partition wall Separo, which is made from high-quality Varicor®.


Reduced operating costs for the industry and administrative sectors thanks to:

  • Easy to clean and visually appealing

    The hidden floor fixation is available for floorstanding WCs Renova Nr. 1, Renova Nr. 1 Plan and Renova Nr. 1 Comfort

  • Easy to clean and visually appealing

    The hidden wall fixation is available for all wall hung WCs of the series Silk and Renova Nr. 1 Comfort (700 mm projection)

  • Easy to clean and visually appealing

    The installation-friendly, invisible PlugFix fixation is available for the series Preciosa / Preciosa II, it !, 4U and iCon

  • KeraTect-Glasur

    Reduces cleaning agents

    The innovative KeraTect® glazing saves the amount of cleaning agents used – significantly reduces maintenance and contributes to lasting value.

  • Water saving with Keramag urinals

    The Renova Nr. 1 Plan urinal is already available with the latest generation of water-saving developments, the 0.5-liter flush

  • Water saving with Keramag urinals

    Thanks to their innovative 1-liter flush, the urinals Flow, Renova Nr. 1, Aller and Alivio belong to the effective water savers in the industrial and administrative area

  • Fresh odor for modern urinal series systems

    Renova Nr. 1 Plan KeraFresh urinals offer a freshness solution directly integrated into the urinal, quick and easy to refill with fresh sticks. Permanently cheap