Keramag acrylic trays, with their shiny or matt surfaces, are very easy to clean. 

Normal cleaning: Rinse with the hand shower. Wipe with a damp cloth or sponge. Use only soapy foam or liquid dishwashing detergents or cleaners. Eliminate any residue with a sponge or soft cloth. IMPORTANT: Do not use any abrasive scouring powder! They cause scratches and make the surface matt.

Limescale: Use vinegar to remove limescale. IMPORTANT: Do not put a lime remover (such as those used for purifying water heaters). Chemicals may discolor the surface forever.

Damages on small surfaces: Ask your installer about the Keramag Repair and Care at (Model No. 590153). This product enables to remove little chafing or scratches and polish the affected area.