Ceramic with KeraClean

KeraClean from Keramag is a special ceramic coating which significantly facilitates bathroom care. On these smooth surfaces, water droplets form beads and roll directly into the drain, together with soap residues, for example.

A further positive effect: Limescale deposits are significantly reduced. Extensive tests have shown that the effect of KeraClean is not impaired even when standard cleaning agents are used (e.g. all-purpose, bathroom, vinegar, glass and limescale cleaners). Only aggressive cleaning or scouring agents (e.g. scouring liquid, powder, tap and steel cleaner) can damage the properties of the KeraClean surface. These cleaners can damage the KeraClean coating.

Care instructions: If you wipe down the WC ceramic appliance regularly – after use – a soft cloth will be sufficient for cleaning. If there is a lot of dirt, use a mild cleaning agent, the best being a cleaner containing vinegar, to clean it away. Please do not use any aggressive cleaning agents. Look after your coated WC ceramic appliance by using a cleaner containing vinegar or other mild cleaning agents. If required, you can also use hygiene cleaners without concerns.

You should not use the following cleaning agents: scouring liquid, scouring powder, drain cleaner (concentrated), aggressive cleaning agents, alkalis and bleaches, steel cleaner, steel wool, scrubbing sponges, mechanical cleaning (pointed objects such as a spatula).

Questions and answers:

Q: How can glue residues be removed?
A: Glue residues can be removed from KeraClean products simply using glass cleaner.

Q: Does rust water damage the KeraClean coating?
A: No, rust water does not damage the coating. Residues can easily be removed with a neutral cleaning agent or cleaner containing vinegar.