Ceramic without special finish

The surface of all sanitary ceramic products consists of a thin, glassy layer (high-melting glaze). This glaze is very hard and resistant. Thanks to the smooth and easy to clean surface, such products are perfectly adapted for the bathroom and WC. However, one should avoid the destruction of this glaze by letting objects fall hard on their surface (deodorant or perfume container, i.e.). Such impact shocks can lead to cracking and damage on the surface, which cannot be fixed.

For daily cleaning, we recommend standard sanitary cleaners. Limescale can be removed with standard Lime remover or vinegar cleaners. Abrasions on the ceramics from the contact with metal utensils such as steel, titanium, brass or copper, can be recognized by gray and black dots or dashes. These traces can look very similar to cracks, cannot be removed with conventional cleaning agents. Quartz sand or ceramic cooktop polishing are recommended to eliminate these traces. However, with repeated use of those products, the ceramic surface can be attacked - it is therefore recommended to use them cautiously for local application and not on the entire ceramic surface. While using a cleaning product, you must always follow the usage instructions of the manufacturer.