With Varicor®, you have chosen a durable, solid, homogeneous mineral material which will continue to look elegant and beautiful even many years later given appropriate care.We recommend that you comply with the following care instructions in order to retain these properties.

After installation: During the first months, use a mild scouring liquid once or twice a month in order to avoid an irregular surface pattern forming. Apply the cleaning liquid with a moist cloth in circular movements over the entire surface. Then simply clean with water and dry the surface with a soft cloth.

Daily cleaning: First of all, always clean the surface in the most straightforward way with water, soap and a cloth. If the impurities cannot be removed without residues, use a scouring liquid as described above. Then clean the surface well with water and after that rub it dry with a cloth. Stubborn dirt and discolourations, or even metallic abrasion such as from stainless steel, acrylic and ceramic materials, can be removed with a cleaning liquid and a cloth. If these methods do not allow cleaning without residues, use the rough side of a synthetic sponge (Scotch-Brite). After that, restore the even lustre of the surface by using a cloth to apply the scouring liquid in circular movements over the entire surface.

Traces of use and scratches: If traces of use become apparent over time due to the effect of sharp and pointed objects, these can be removed using scouring liquid and a cloth or a Scotch-Brite sponge. If the traces of use are deep, they can be eliminated using fine sandpaper, grade 320 or 400. Following that, you should always even up the surface by treating with scouring liquid.

Lustre: If your supplier has processed the surfaces to a higher gloss level, you can ask which treatment method was used to achieve the lustre. You should select the cleaning agent with which to care for your Varicor® installation accordingly.